Why I talk to Cab Drivers

Cab drivers give us the darndest advice sometimes. There’s something about sharing a space with a taxi driver that is both intimate yet distant. Barriers slowly come down and conversations ebb and flow.

Photo by Rodolfo Clix from Pexels

On this particular instance, I got on a cab that had the most decked-out audio system I’ve ever seen, complete with a karaoke screen and a wide music selection. I remarked that he must really enjoy music.

He replied, “God gave us some things on earth for us to enjoy.” He was profound in a way that took me by surprise. …

Hello AM nation


I flipped over in bed. My snoozed alarm clock glaring back at me. I know I should get out of bed, but the more I looked at the time, the more I wanted to pull the covers over my head.

How the hell do people do this?

Ever since I could remember, I’ve always woken up just in time. I meticulously calculate the time it takes for me to get ready, commute to my destination in exchange for a few precious minutes of slumber. I was consistently a sleepyhead.

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash


I stretched out…

Why I started drawing at 24

My pre-bedtime ritual now has a new event line-up — drawing. I know it sounds kiddy but this is also Medium and people don’t write about silly things here. Or, do they?

How I started drawing

A budding desire to feel less like a phony designer blossomed into a love for graphite and lines.

To be clear, I have never drawn professionally or been trained in the arts. My past drawings resemble the works of a 6-year old kid. I started drawing because I imagine it would sharpen my design sensibilities.

I began by outlining simple shapes and learning how to shade. I followed…

(That are less annoying and drive more conversions)

Yea, the Internet Agrees

Freemium products often teeter on the edge of being downright annoying

No surprises there.

Striking a balance between business goals (to drive conversion) and user goals is often elusive and difficult. In this article, I will be sharing how to design less annoying upgrade prompts and paywalls that still convert users.

In a nutshell, Timing + Transparency + Tone = Less Annoying Paywalls

1. Timing / Relevance:

As with any successful marriage proposal, where you ask, when you ask and how you ask matters.

The right moment to propose an upsell varies from product to product (and user to user). …

Why I am not on LinkedIn

In today’s digital age, it might be surprising why I eschewed LinkedIn altogether.

Back in school, my university even had a mandatory career preparation course where we had to create a LinkedIn profile as part of the module passing criteria. While the course imbued me with employability fundamentals, I weighed the pros and cons of LinkedIn and eventually decided to delete my LinkedIn profile.

Reasons I’m not on LinkedIn:

1. Content Uniformity

I prefer to have greater control over the display of my professional life, such as in the form of a personal website. …

I’ve seen these articles floating around Medium but I never thought I’d be on the other side of the table — writing them.

It’s 2020. The UX job market is getting increasingly saturated, it’s no longer the new kid in the block. Still, I want to share my story of how I landed my current job as a UX Designer at a SaaS start-up, with no design background or bootcamp and in a cost-effective manner. Hopefully, this encourages those who wish to pursue UX Design without any degree in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) or Design, or any design experience.


Megan Ng

Life is a series of experiments and Medium is the one you’re reading about.

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